Background of Oversea Vietnamese Economic Forum in Udon Thani

Udon Thani is a province located in North-Eastern region of Thailand and serve as the 1st North-Eastern Operating Center and Mae Khong Central Region. Udon Thani city area was previously Ban Duea Mak Kang Village, a place of historical and cultural legacy that blends with modernity. The history of Udon Thani starts in the same period of Vientiane and had coexisted together in the Lan Chang Kingdom. Udon Thani was promoted as the Administration Center of ‘Udon Region’ (the North) in the year 1893 during the reign of King Rama IV by Prince Thong Kon Yai, the Governor of the Udon region at the time while the Rattanakosin Kingdom was governed in municipalities. Udon Thani was the culmination of northern cities in Udon area; Kumphawapi, Nong Han, Nakhon Kuen Khan Kab Kaeo Bua Ban, and Ban Maduea Mak Kang. The governorship area was the largest in the country. Currently, Udon Thani is 564 Km. from Bangkok and covers 11,730 sq.Km. area or 7,331,438.75 Rai.

Udon Thani serves as the center of administration of the region and a transportation hub for both land and air for Thai North-Eastern region. Due to its geographic location, Udon Thani is also the center of Mae Khong region – connecting to nearby ASEAN countries.

Udon Thani is also the home of many Vietnamese population and house a “Ho Chi Minh-Udon Thani historical tourism spot” at Ban Nong On – Nong Hang, Chaing Pin District, Meuang Udon Thani which was the area that Ho Chi Minh used to reside in short period during his political activity before moving to Nong Khai and Nakhon Phanom. Besides its purpose as a sign of respect and commemoration of the Vietnamese toward Ho Cho Minh, it also serves as a sign of good relation between Thailand and Vietnam.

The geolocation of the region connects with 3 countries; Lao PDR, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and People’s Republic of China. The region shares the border with Lao PDR starting from Na Haeo District, Loei Province, down to Bueng Khong Long District, Bueng Kan Province, covering the distance of 527 Km. The area also connects with Vietnam via Lao PDR through Main Route 2E in Phong Sali Sub-district, Route 6 in Hua Phan Sub-district, and Route 7 in Chiang Kwan Sub-district which leads to northern Vietnam. The route connects to middle Vietnam via Route 8 in Bolikasai Sub-district and connects with China via Route 4 in Saiya Buri Sub-district and Route 13 in Natha Sub-district. These connections made the region an ideal convenient spot for transportation, business dealing, investment activity, and tourism conduct between 3 the countries.

The Oversea Vietnamese Economic Forum will be held in Udon Thani – a place of attractive culture from the blend of modernity and historical legacy and a home of many Thai-Vietnamese business – owing to its geolocation that has made Udon Thani a center of transportation to Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, and China.


The venue of the forum is VT Namnueng Community, Udon Thani, Thailand.

VT Namnueng Community is the largest Namnueng distribution facility center in the country and is equipped with a Convention Hall with 2,000 individuals capacity.

VT Namnueng Community locates on Mittraphap Udon Thani-Khon Kaen Road which is the main road for North-Eastern region with more than 20 Rai of area.


Time Session Venue
Participants arrive in Udon Thani province, Thailand Centara Hotel Udon  Thani
09:30 – 11:30 Visit to Ho Chi Minh museum at Udon Thani province Ban Nong On, Udon Thani
12:00 – 13:00 Have lunch at VT Namnueng VT Namnueng
13:30 – 15:00 Opening ceremony VT Namnueng
15:00 – 16:00 Product Exhibition VT Namnueng
16:00 – 18:00 Business Matching  VT Namnueng
18:30 -21:30 Gala Dinner VT Namnueng
08:00 – 11:30 Bussiness forum
Group forum by category: Advanced agriculture technology; Culture, service and tourism; Export-Import; Logistic, IT, Financial sector, etc.
VT Namnueng
11:30 – 12:30 MOU signing and business operator commemoration ceremony VT Namnueng
12:30 – 13:00 Have lunch at VT Namnueng VT Namnueng
13:00 – 17:00 City Tour or Golf Challenge Udon Thani
18:30 – 21:30 Close ceremony and gala dinner VT Namnueng
Participants travel back

Register rate

All participants, presenters and exhibitors must register for the conference and pay the registration fee.

Entrance to the conference and trade show is open only for registered participants wearing the event name badge.

Participant fee is 390 USD / person which include programme, information package, breakfasts, lunches , breaks , gala dinners, accommodations  and trade show ( free one booth per one company ).

Participants are encouraged to register in advance and as early as possible in order to benefit from booking the booth in order.